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Clean Tech, Renault Trucks solutions for the future

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Efficient and innovative

Because oil resources are running out and sustainable mobility is a priority, Renault Trucks is exploring new technologies and offering alternative solutions enabling the use of energies aiming to limit the emission of greenhouse-effect gases (GHG).

True to its values of efficiency and innovation, Renault Trucks offers the most extended range of vehicles running on alternative energy or propulsion modes: Clean Tech.


A clean and quiet global solution - HYBRID

With its diesel and electric engines used alternately or in parallel, the hybrid is now the solution favoured by Renault Trucks. It is clean (20% less CO2 than diesel), quiet and uses less fuel.
In addition, everything has been designed for your comfort: automated Optidriver+ gearbox managing the propulsion of the 2 power supplies automatically with no extra handling.


A sustainable and safe alternative - Compressed Natural Gas

Quieter and less polluting, natural gas does not emit smoke or odour. It is widely available, and more and more tax incentives are being introduced to encourage its use in large urban areas.


Total efficiency in an urban environment - ELECTRIC

Quiet and non polluting, electrical energy offers a high degree of driving comfort because of its very high torque at low engine speeds, when accelerating and when decelerating.
Braking energy is recovered and stored for reuse.



  • Offering real alternatives to the dependence on oil
  • Reducing polluting emissions
  • Reducing the costs of diesel fuel consumption
  • Reducing noise nuisance
  • Putting the right truck in the right place with the right energy.