The Renault Trucks T Optifuel has been totally designed to reduce fuel consumption right from the very first mile.

It is available in 5 versions, DTI 11 with 430 and 460 hp, and DTI 13 with 440, 480 and 520 hp. The DTI 13 engine is now equipped with the Common Rail injection system. Fuel consumption is significantly reduced thanks to better combustion.

TÜV Rheinland, the independent certification body, has certified that the Renault Trucks T Optifuel vehicle consumes 10.9% less fuel than a standard vehicle*


The Renault Trucks T Optifuel contains all the aerodynamic equipment for better air penetration:

  • adjustable roof deflector,
  • side deflectors,
  • deflectors integral to the headlights,
  • door extensions,
  • side fairings,
  • fairing extensions,
  • aerodynamic bumper extensions,
  • front wings equipped with anti-spray flaps adjusted to chassis type and wheel size.

The vehicle is also fitted with Michelin X® Line™ ENERGY™ tyres with low rolling resistance.

Intelligent technologies

The Renault Trucks T Optifuel is also equipped with numerous intelligent technologies:

  • Optidriver gearbox with power mode override,
  • Eco Cruise Control with SoftCruise Control and Optiroll,
  • disengageable air compressor,
  • variable flow steering pump,
  • automatic engine stop.

Optivision combines road topography and routes stored using the sensor to apply the most effective and fuel-efficient gear shifting strategy.

Lower weight

The Renault Trucks T Optifuel is fitted with numerous aluminium components to reduce the vehicle weight by several hundred kg:

  • aluminium air tank,
  • aluminium fuel tank,
  • Alcoa aluminium wheels,
  • aluminium trailer hose supports,
  • aluminium fifth wheel*,
  • lightweight chassis,
  • lightweight rear air suspension,
  • lightweight drive axle.

Optifuel Programme Services
Is the global solution for reducing fuel costs:

  • Optifuel Training for training drivers in rational driving,
  • Optifuel Infomax for analysing driving style and fuel consumption.

Optifleet is a fleet management system which allows the vehicle to exchange information with the operational base in real time:

  • geolocate vehicles,
  • monitor vehicle fuel consumption,
  • monitor and manage driver working hours,
  • communicate with drivers.


*Two Renault Trucks T tractor 4x2 vehicles were compared, a Renault Trucks T Optifuel and a Renault Trucks T standard, fitted with a 430 bhp DTI 11 Euro 6 engine with the same final drive ratio (2.64). Both vehicles were loaded with 32 tonnes. The test was carried out over a distance of 200 km, representative of inter-regional long haul business. Both drivers had completed the Optifuel Training course in economic driving.