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Committed to fighting famine worldwide

Between May 2015 and the end of 2017, Renault Trucks will be deploying its experts and a mobile training unit to several Central and West African countries to train World Food Programme (WFP) mechanics in the most advanced techniques in truck maintenance.

WFP, a United Nations agency that combats famine worldwide, provides access to food in the most disadvantaged and difficult to access locations across the globe. Trucks are at the heart of its logistical system; taking volunteers as near as possible to people in emergency situations and transporting food in the most extreme of conditions. For these vehicles, correct maintenance guarantees minimal downtime and optimised mobility to the workers on the programme.

Following an initial successful partnership in East Africa over 2012-2013, Renault Trucks is once more using its truck manufacturing expertise to the benefit of WFP activities and to assist in developing the continent of Africa.

Renault Trucks employees have voluntarily stepped forward to share their HGV maintenance and repair skills with the WFP mechanics in Central and West Africa. These experts will lead 11 training sessions, based mainly on a Renault Kerax 6x6 vehicle configured as a mobile training unit.

The three-year campaign will take them to the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Central African Republic, Ghana in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Chad and Uganda. It will provide training to 150 WFP mechanic volunteers, workshop managers, fleet managers and instructors.


  • 80 million people supplied with foodstuffs
  • 3.2 million tonnes of food supplied
  • Presence in 82 countries
  • 650 storage warehouses
  • 20 ships
  • 70 aeroplanes
  • 5000 trucks