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Fast & Pro

Fast & ProThe Fast & Pro LCV brand

The Fast & Pro LCV brand is offered only to Renault Trucks dealers who meet a set of strict criteria. It is available to teams in either sales or service who deal exclusively with light commercial vehicles. The result : speed, professionalism and quality.

At a Renault Trucks Fast & Pro dealer, you can count on :

  • A special welcome for customers operating light commercial vehicles.
  • Dedicated workshop areas for repairs and maintenance on light commercial vehicles.
  • Specially trained technicians who receive ongoing training.
  • Top quality service : maintenance without prior appointment, diagnostic check with every visit to the workshop and courtesy vehicles where available.

Whether you are a tradesman, work in the public sector or offer a commercial service… With Fast & Pro by Renault Trucks, you can count on top speed and top quality.

The Fast & Pro LCV brand