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E-Tech Grille

                         ITT HUB 2022

Renault Trucks E-Tech D 26t

Solomons Fridge Body

Renault Trucks E-Tech Master minibus

In proud partnership with Forest Green Rovers

Renault Trucks E-Tech D 18t


Renault Trucks E-Tech D 16t

Box Body

T High EVO 6X2

Powered by HVO

T 480 6X2

Powered by HVO

Driver in a Renault Trucks Master E-Tech

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Renault Trucks E-Tech Master OptiTipper


Renault Trucks E-Tech D LEC 26t

Refuse body

Renault Trucks E-Tech D 16t

Bevans Box

Master E-Tech 2


Renault Trucks E-Tech Master OptiModale

Designed and commissioned by Renault Trucks to help reduce congestion and improve air quality in urban areas, the unique E-Tech Master OptiModale combines three types of electric transportation in one vehicle: a 3.5t LWB L3H1 E-Tech Master van with Low Loader Luton body by Horton Commercials; a Bullitt electric Cargo bike; and parcel-carrying drone from UVATEK. 

Suitable for a wide range of logistics operations as well as medical and military applications, the E-Tech OptiModale is designed to carry and deliver parcels of various sizes. Its specially commissioned Low Loader Luton body holds the parcel deliveries and acts as the ‘Mothership’ for the electric cargo bike and drone helipad system. 


Vehicle specification  

Based on a Renault Trucks E-Tech Master Platform Cab chassis with the R75 electric motor and a 33kWh battery, (also available with the new 52kWh battery for even greater range), the 3.5tonne LWB L3H1 platform cab is ideal for combining both range and payload for this type of operation. Offering a typical range of around 80 miles before requiring charge, this vehicle is ideal for back-to-base operations that are located on the edge of major conurbations where entering the inner town or city requires zero emission vehicles.

A specially commissioned 4100mm Low Loader Luton body by Horton Commercials is fully equipped for parcel delivery with folding shelving, with electric cargo bike store to the nearside complete with bike lift, and heli-drone pad system.

The latest generation Bullitt electric Cargo bike, capable of carrying up to 100kgs of smaller parcels. Finished in a Renault Trucks Red frame with corresponding white cargo box, the Bullitt eCargo bike has the latest Shimano e-system that can provide up to 110km of power assist for the cyclist and once back on board the E-Tech Master OptiModale, the battery can be removed and charged within 1 hour to 50%, 2 hours to 80% and 4 hours 100%.

Above the eCargo bike location is the retractable heli-drone pad from which the latest generation parcel carrying drone from UVATEK can be launched, carrying high value loads up to 2kgs in weight.  Although flying drones is currently restricted in certain areas, its speed and accuracy is ideal for urgent time sensitive deliveries, for example over countryside or across water.     

Renault Trucks E-Tech Master BeeBox

The BeeBox. A brand new innovation in mobile parcel lockers. Trialled successfully in the city of Lyon, the BeeBox delivers mobile containers pre-loaded with up to 100 packages, to locations across the city on the back of a 100% electric L3H2 Renault Trucks E-Tech Master. Customers receive a text message with a code to pick or drop off their package within 24 hours at the BeeBox, which has been positioned less that 300m from their home.   

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