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As a professional in batch transport, unforeseen events are never good news. You need long-term visibility and transport solutions that limit your expenses and enhance driver loyalty. Discover the products and services offered by Renault Trucks to boost profitability and make management easier.

Renault Trucks T: the perfect vehicle for boosting productivity

The Renault Trucks T range was designed for long-haul travel. It is the best-suited vehicle for batch transport. The Renault Trucks T or T High model offers reliability, high performance and incredible comfort. When combined with Renault Trucks’ services, you can boost your business’ profitability and increase uptime. The Euro VI engine ensures high commercial speed and excellent driving comfort, whilst limiting pollution and fuel consumption.

Renault Trucks T

Long-haul transport: comfort before all else

Those who drive long distances are passionate about being on the road, and about their job. They spend countless hours behind the steering wheel, which means on-board comfort must meet their highest expectations. When loading their belongings, especially heavy items, they can use the outer storage area and access it from the inside. Once on board, the advanced cab offers outstanding visibility and makes manoeuvring easier when loading and unloading.

Renault Trucks T High accessories


The Renault Trucks T High cab boasts a perfectly flat floor and a 6.6 ft. ceiling height to make movement easier, as well as an 8.2 ft. wide sleeping area. A 40-litre silent electric fridge can be placed in the space between both front seats.

Renault Trucks T High Truck cabin
Renault Trucks T High accessories

Many other Renault Trucks accessories are available to enhance comfort or safety - such as an air-pressure gun to quickly clean the cab, an anti-theft anti-siphoning device, or a doorlock anti-intrusion device which may prove extremely useful at night.

Renault Trucks T High cabin

Batch transport: last mile deliveries

If your activity focuses on batch deliveries in urban areas or last mile deliveries, you may want to choose our Renault Trucks Master. This vehicle ranges from 3.1 to 6.0 tonnes, is extremely easy to handle in town, and has a very low load sill which makes work simpler for drivers and delivery people. Its loading volume can go up to 24m3 on our platform cab Low Loader and our payload can be beyond, depending on body style, 2,500 kg with our 6 tonne version. To reduce fuel consumption in Urban operations, the Master Red Edition van can be fitted with an automatic gearbox and eco-mode, as well as a gear-changing aid and Stop & Start system.

If you are looking for the ultimate in Last Mile Deliveries then look no further than our  Renault Trucks Master Z.E. range This 100% electric utility vehicle is available in many different versions, and has an operating range of 75 miles, with a 33-kWh battery.

Z.E. versions come in multiple wheelbases and roof heights and include a Van, Converted Minibus, Platform cab or Chassis cab, plated at either 3,100 or 3,500kgs. It can easily adapt to all your needs, and offers a payload of up to 1,463kg and a loading volume ranging up to 24m3

Spread your costs out in the long-term

In the field of long-haul transport, any logistical issues can have major repercussions. In order for you to spread out your expenses and limit any unforeseen events, Renault Trucks offers Start & Drive contracts which include a personalized maintenance plan ranging from 2 to 5 years and up to 155,300 miles per year - depending on the vehicle selected and its usage. As such, you can reduce your immobilisation costs, make administrative work easier, and ensure high vehicle performance on the long term. 

Furthermore, thanks to its extensive network in the UK, Ireland and across Europe, your vehicles can be looked after quickly and efficiently without needing to return to their home base.

Reduce your fuel costs

The fuel consumption of a driver has a real and direct effect on your bottom line. Renault Trucks vehicles are developed to consume as little as possible. The Renault Trucks T cab has a trapezium shape and a 12° slanted windscreen to enhance air flow and reduce consumption. Our DTI 11 and DTI 13 engines were also designed to provide good commercial speed.

The Renault Trucks T or T High models can have other options added to them, making them even more efficient, thanks to their Eco Fuel pack which includes:

  • An Eco Cruise Control mode on the Optidriver automatic gearbox
  • A detachable air compressor
  • A variable steering pump
  • Automatic engine stop


Nonetheless, we all know that consumption does not only depend on the vehicle, but also on how it is driven. Training drivers in efficient driving plays a major role in reducing your entire fleet’s consumption. To help you with this, Renault Trucks has its Optifuel solutions available. You can have access to extremely precise consumption data for all your vehicles, as well as information about how they are being used.




Long-haul transport: follow up on deliveries in real time

In the same way as unforeseen maintenance is never welcome, unexpected logistical events are quick to have a negative effect on your activity. Our smart Optifleet fleet management solution can be used to efficiently schedule your journeys, and visualise your vehicles in real time thanks to the geo-tracking option. You can easily access consumption data and driving time for each vehicle. If a customer changes their order or if you see that you can add in a delivery, you are able to redirect drivers, or simply appoint a new job to them without hassle.

Finance your long-haul transport vehicles

Renault Trucks is available to help you finance your vehicles. Our various formulas adapt to your international transport activity, and to the high mileage it entails. For instance, we offer an all-in-one dedicated finance leasing solution, so you can keep full control of your TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) without any nasty surprises. Our advisors will guide you, so you choose the best-suited solution


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