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Which commercial vehicle is best for food businesses?



With our complementary Renault Trucks Trafic and Master offer, Renault Trucks offers a wide range of vehicles adapted to the food sector. Depending on the size of your business and the payloads required, you can customise your commercial vehicle to your needs, and benefit from services designed by professionals for professionals.

Food truck or restaurant: define your needs

The variety in the Renault Trucks commercial vehicle offer allows you to adapt your vehicle to your needs and your activity. Depending on your business, you might not necessarily need a large volume, but you might need a compact vehicle for city centre deliveries. In this case, the Renault Trucks Trafic would be ideal with its compact design and manoeuvrability. However, if you have a catering business requiring you to carry large loads, the Renault Trucks Master would be most suitable.

With Renault Trucks Master and Renault Trucks Trafic, you can choose between 8 lengths and 5 heights. They are both available in a platform cab version with a refrigerated body, and in a classic van version with or without a refrigerated body. The payload available ranges from up to 8.9 m3 with Renault Trucks Trafic and up to 17 m3 with Renault Trucks Master.  For example, you can choose a refrigerated body, and benefit from one of the best payloads on the market, and install the one that suits you best - we can advise you on how to customise your commercial vehicle! All Renault Trucks commercial vehicles are designed to facilitate the installation and integration of a body from body builders. We can also offer ready-to-roll bodied vehicles.

Loading and unloading ingredients, materials, prepared meals or drinks is hard work; the loading areas of our commercial vehicles have been designed to be easy to access, and reduce stopping time and loading and unloading constraints. Vans come with one or two side doors.




Inside, everything has been designed to help you run your business smoothly: you can connect your mobile phone to the centre screen, charge it by placing it on an induction charger on the dashboard, make use of the numerous storage areas available inside the vehicle, and use the work tray in the front passenger seat.  

There is also lots of equipment available to make driving more pleasant and less tiring, including: a keyless start system (available on Renault Trucks Trafic), an automatic dual clutch gearbox, a speed regulator, and a visor with blind spot warning - particularly useful in city centres. In terms of safety, Renault Trucks Trafic and Master both have numerous driving aids such as hill start assistance, front and rear sensors, lane departure warning, and a blind spot alert.


Our Renault Trucks support service: by your side every day

Whether you are a caterer, restaurateur, baker or an artisan in the food sector, you need your vehicles to be available when you need them and serviced when convenient for you. That is why Renault Trucks offers the Fast&Pro service, specially created for the maintenance of your commercial vehicles with its extended opening hours. Similarly, we offer several services allowing you to manage the costs related to your vehicle. This is the case with our maintenance packages and maintenance contracts, as these are customisable based on your business and vehicle use. By choosing a predictive maintenance contract, you will have a clear idea of the actual cost of your commercial vehicle, without any surprises.  

Renault Trucks Financial Services offers all-in-one packages including financing, maintenance and insurance. You'll then be able to manage the total cost of owning your commercial vehicle throughout its use.

Renault Trucks Master Red Edition

What about an electric food truck?

The decarbonisation of transport is here! More and more cities and urban areas are introducing traffic restrictions for conventional vehicles. That's without considering that many calls for tenders now require decarbonated deliveries and end customers are increasingly aware of this environmental factor. 

Today, our electric range, including Renault Trucks E-Tech Master, offers a reliable and profitable alternative for most food businesses. In fact, we estimate that the total cost of ownership of an electric vehicle is 30% less than of the cost of owning a conventional vehicle! Depending on your needs, Renault Trucks E-Tech Master is available in three configurations: van, platform cab or chassis cab. It is perfectly compatible with a temperature-controlled body, and has a range of up to 200 kilometres.  

The Renault Trucks experts will help you to determine your exact energy needs, and choose and organise your charging infrastructure based on your constraints. With a wall charger, the charging time is just two hours for an 80% charge and three hours for 100%. With experience in electromobility since 2010, Renault Trucks offers a range of services specially designed for electric vehicles and will support your business with its environmental transition. 

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