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Reliability of electric trucks: switch to electromobility with ease


Man charging a Renault Trucks E-Tech D

Electric vehicles: Renault Trucks tried and tested technology

Renault Trucks was the first commercial vehicle manufacturer to bring a range of electric vehicles to the market with a hybrid truck: Premium Distribution Hybrys Tech released in 2009. In 2010, the Maxity Electric light commercial vehicle was added to the catalogue. We then developed heavy-tonnage electric trucks with partner customers, under actual operating conditions, and in 2018 we released Master Z.E. to market. We gathered thousands of data points in order to improve their performance: battery data, infrastructure and charge management data in addition to driver feedback.  

This experience has allowed us to offer businesses with a range of second-generation all-electric trucks today, ensuring complete peace of mind without impacting your profitability. Similarly, our experts have been trained and receive ongoing electric vehicle training; whether it is the engineers who designs and configures your trucks, the mechanics who services in our workshops or salespeople in the dealerships. 


Today, a multitude of hauliers of varying company sizes are entrusting us and are committed to their energy transition. Since its release in 2018, we have sold more than 400 Master Electric vehicles to our customers. Here are a few recent examples: having started home deliveries with 20 Renault Trucks E-Tech Master in 2020, Swiss co-operative Migros Aare took delivery of 20 additional vehicles in 2021. Swiss company Feldschlösschen, a subsidiary of the Carlsberg Group has had 20 Renault Trucks E-Tech D vehicles in operation since the start of 2021, for completing daily beer delivery rounds in mountainous areas. In September 2021, the Urby company (Groupe La Poste), a French specialist in first/last mile logistics, made the same choice with their order of 20 Renault Trucks E-Tech D vehicles. 

Electric vehicle technology is the most mature and efficient option for decarbonising your activity 

Electric technology is the best option for decarbonising your activity because it is already developed and its performance is continually improving. The operating range of batteries is still increasing, which means that all uses will be covered by the end of the decade. We would also like to highlight that this technology generates zero NOx emissions and is silent in operation. 

Furthermore, it is important to take into account the end-to-end impact of electrical technology in the reduction of CO2 emissions. Indeed, in Europe the electricity sector is becoming increasingly decarbonised. This is because it is mainly being produced from renewable or nuclear energy. Currently, electrical vehicles represent a 55% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to fossil diesel fuel.  

In terms of energy efficiency, availability, investment and usage costs, electricity is the most mature alternative energy. 

They have switched to electric: testimonies

The Delanchy Group adopts electric trucks from Renault Trucks

Every night, 15 premium Paris shops receive their deliveries by electric truck

Feldschlösschen : Since 2013 our electric trucks give us a competitive advantage

"In the hilly areas and at low temperatures, vehicle performance monitoring enabled us to achieve an average operating range of 220 kilometres in winter conditions"

The German company DB Schenker
Renault Trucks E-Tech D on the road

Above and beyond the maximum operating range, the most important thing is to offer you an operating range suited to your real-life requirements, whatever your activity: urban or regional distribution, site delivery or refuse collection. Our experts will suggest the electric truck model(s) best suited to your professional application and the type of journey that your trucks will be making. We will make simulation tools available to you and will provide a fleet of electric trucks for testing under real-life conditions. We have your needs covered with our 16, 19 and 26-tonne vehicles, and with your input we can adapt these to have the correct number of batteries for your requirements: from three to six. Generally, the majority of our customers opt for trucks with four batteries. 

Ever-increasing performance 

Electrical technology is under constant development and the performance of electric trucks today is comparable with that of Diesel vehicles in delivery and distribution activities. With impetus from investment from automotive and heavy commercial vehicle manufacturers, battery efficiency is still progressing: not just in terms of operating range but also fast-charging capabilities, in particular under partial charging. This is a basic trend, over the long term, which is supported by the creation of specialised infrastructures. 

Infrastructures adapted to electric vehicles

The electromobility ecosystem is also being developed and implemented in parallel with the technological progress being made. In the spring of 2021, ACEA (European Automobile Manufacturers' Association), of which Renault Trucks is a member, published a white paper to identify manufacturer requirements in terms of charging stations throughout Europe. The objective is quantified: to provide 10,000 to 15,000 public charging points by 2025 and to increase this figure to 50,000 by 2030. In concrete terms, the density of the charging points will mean that new round-trips can be organised during the mandatory 45-minute driver's break every 4 hours 30 minutes. 

You can enjoy the benefit of all of our expertise in electric vehicles and our maintenance and servicing know-how to make your switch to electric vehicles as simple as possible. Do not hesitate to contact us to find out more. 

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