Renault Trucks T - Scotland - EM&T Rapson

Long haul


Comfortable, fuel efficient and reliable. We know how well the Renault Trucks T performs on the road. But it performs equally well “off-road”, on the challenging surfaces and rugged relief of the Scottish Highlands.


FOUNDED: 1901.

LOCATED: Scotland, United Kingdom.

ACTIVITIES: haulage, breakdown assistance and repairs, specialised in the timber (logging) industry.

8: number of staff.

5: number of vehicles.

500 000: number of kilometres covered per year.


In the north of Scotland, the Highlands face the Atlantic Ocean on the West and the North Sea on the East. Between the two, the relief is made up of a succession of hills and mountains, which give the region its name. As it is relatively close to the Arctic Circle, its winters can be particularly harsh with frequent snowfalls from the end of September onwards.

The EM&T Rapson haulage company is located at Helmsdale, a village on the east coast of Sutherland. One year ago, Tommy Rapson and his partners purchased a 44 t Renault Trucks T 520. “We needed a robust and powerful vehicle capable of operating on all types of terrain under difficult weather conditions.” In the Highlands, these elevated regions with their many lochs (lakes), it’s the geography that dictates the speed of the journey. You can forget about straight, open roads and must get used to slow speeds, roundabout routes and deviations on the single track roads with their “passing places”; specific spots where two vehicles can pass each other.



EM&T Rapson is a breakdown assistance and repair company, also specialised in the timber haulage industry. “We began our business several years ago with five vehicles carrying wood to various different sites in the region,” explains Tommy Rapson. "We have a diversified fleet, enabling us to meet the various conditions and rules governing log transport, with some vehicles better suited to the narrow roads which vehicles with caterpillar tracks cannot use.”

One year ago, when looking for a new vehicle for carrying logs, Tommy Rapson heard about the Renault Trucks range.

“The good reputation enjoyed by the vehicle and the manufacturer, as well as the fact that there was a dealer in Inverness, capable of providing reliable assistance, persuaded us to buy the Renault Trucks T.” And despite the difficult conditions they work under, he reconfirms the vehicle’s reputation for low consumption. “It is very fuel efficient. One day, it covered the same route as another vehicle and consumed 50 L of Diesel less after carrying six loads!”


Scott Middleton, Renault Trucks T driver.

“I sleep in the Renault Trucks T bed four nights a week, and I always sleep very well, whatever the season. The seats are also very comfortable, ventilated in the summer and heated in the winter. Getting into and out of the cab are made easier by the two steps, the grip bars are in the right position and when I have to get up onto the platform behind the cab and work the crane, access is also very easy. The Renault Trucks T is an excellent working tool that gives a feeling of power and robustness. Reliable and secure, you can drive along dangerous roads with perfect confidence, whatever the weather conditions (snow or ice). When I use the speed regulator and a car pulls out ahead, the vehicle automatically adapts with the distance warning. I wouldn’t change this truck for anything else in the world!” 


Scott Middleton, 35 years old, drives a Renault Trucks T. For him, it’s a second home.

« I cover between 100,000 and 120,000 km a year, 30% to 40% off road with the remainder on tar »

Scott’s day begins at 6 AM. He goes into a wood with a crane and loads 25 t into his trailer.

« I then go to a local sawmill or a shredding plant devoted to generating electricity. I unload in factories or ports and then go back to the wood to reload. I do two or three round trips every day. »

Scott is not afraid of using superlatives when he asserts that, “This truck is an outstanding vehicle.”



« I can drive longer, further and use less fuel than my previous vehicle. It has never disappointed me on road or off-road. Particularly on long, difficult gradients, on muddy ground and under all weather conditions. Once the vehicle is loaded, I must push its capabilities as far as possible when I’m on some dangerous routes. »

Yet, despite these extreme conditions, the Renault Trucks T has never let him down. “We just carry out the usual monthly checks, and everything is fine,” adds Tommy Rapson. Another major asset is the comfort in the cab.

« For us, it’s very important for drivers to be satisfied with their vehicles, for it isn’t easy to find the right kind of people for these assignments. It’s an excellent argument for attracting motivated drivers who will, in turn, satisfy our clients. This truck has proved to be cost efficient because of its low fuel consumption and total lack of downtime. »

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