Optimising your fleet and energy management

T High Fuel Eco vehicles


Renault Trucks Optifleet is a "turnkey" fleet management solution designed to steer your decision-making and reduce your operating costs. Available via ‘Over-the -Air’ activation, you can quickly be monitoring real-time performance improving data for both your vehicles and drivers. Optifleet provides key information at your fingertips to assist in managing and reducing your key cost items.


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Your vehicles remain connected to the Optifleet at all times, wherever you are, and are accessible via the online portal or the Optifleet App, the mobile fleet management tool.

Our Optifleet solution is made up of the following 3 modules: 

Monitor your fuel consumption and save money

A reporting tool that provides key decision making information on both vehicle & drivers

  • Optimise fuel consumption by promoting good driver skills whilst identifying drivers needing to improve.
    • Use the Eco Score report to analyse trended driver behavioural performance based on a score of 1 to 10 and including data such as fuel consumption, time spent idling, brake frequency etc.
  • Reduce vehicle maintenance costs by improving the way your vehicles are driven.
  • Get alerted to significant variations (up and down) in fuel tank levels
  • Keep your environmental reports up to date (carbon dioxide, NOx, etc.).
  • Receive reports automatically via email when you want them.
Optimize your deliveries with real time fleet location
  • Track your vehicles in real time, including location, speed, direction, fuel level and driver's name.
  • Select the best placed vehicle for extra tasks
  • Create Geo-fences to identify arrival & departure from key locations
  • Analyse your vehicles' journey history
  • With Map+ you can upgrade to minute by minute tracking frequency and access tyre pressure monitoring reports (requires monitoring hardware on the vehicle).
Stay compliant with driving regulations
  • Monitor Driver activity, including driving and resting in real time according to regulations (European regulation 561/2006).
  • Save time & Maintain access to key compliance data by scheduling and remotely downloading driver & vehicle tachograph data, with the potential to transfer directly to TachoAnalysis companies via an API
  • Programme and download data from the tachograph memory and the driver card remotely.

Get in touch with us if you have any further questions about Optifleet. 

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