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  • Through Decarbonization Academy, you will get free access to learn the skills you need to develop an eco-system for transportation and logistics that is more sustainable
  • Adapt to the present energy landscape and learn about decarbonization, electromobility and more
  • Take advantage of new opportunities to install and replicate decarbonization in your organization with our help

Our courses:

Introduction to Decarbonisation

This course will provide you with a comprehensive overview of Decarbonization and the importance of changing to electric trucks for a sustainable future.


This course will provide you with everything you need to know of Batteries. You will be able to answer questions like "How to maintain the battery life? " and " How are batteries recycled? ", etc.

Impact of electric trucks

This course will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the impacts of electric trucks. You will come across many interesting things like Noisemakers.

Decarbonisation use cases by sector

Understand how companies in different sectors benefit from Decarbonisation. For example: how leaders decided to move towards the Decarbonisation journey and how they motivated their employees, what advantages they have identified for their companies and employees, etc.

Advantages of the E-Learning platform:


The Platform is completely free and self-paced. So, you can take it whenever you want and share it easily with your colleagues.


Our experts will share their expertise about Decarbonisation through 2 to 7 minutes videos. You will also have additional documents like articles, about other interesting things.


You have access to the Decarbonization community where you can start a conversation, clear doubts and exchange with people like you!


Just by taking up our online courses you are making an impact. We believe with good education comes positive action.


Once you complete the course you will have access to an E-Certificate which you can proudly share on your social media.

Did you know?



  • The transportation industry accounts for approximately 24% of CO2 emissions
  • It is also important to understand that carbon is one of the most powerful greenhouse gases and a major contributor to global warming
  • Therefore, it is crucial to Decarbonise and use alternatives in order to decrease the amount of carbon emissions 
  • Climate change is real, as a result, we believe that immediate action is required to ensure a sustainable future

Decarbonisation Academy can help you take the first step toward a more sustainable future.

Bring a change by learning how to Decarbonise transport!