Electric Range

Renault Trucks E-Tech D Electric

Renault Trucks E-Tech D

The electric urban solution for your dry and refrigerated transport

Reducing CO2 emissions is a priority and a lot of cities in Europe are adopting stricter and stricter environmental regulations. Renault Trucks builds on its experience to offer sustainable solutions adapted to vehicles’ operating constraints, particularly those using electric power.

Our Renault Trucks E-Tech range has


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Technology: Lithium-ion

Capacity: 200 to 565 kWh

RANGE : up to 560 km


4x94 kWh: 6h10 with 43 AC 1h50  with 150 DC



Rigid: 4X2

Wheelbase: from 3,800 to 6,500 mm


1 electric motors

2 speed gearbox


Maximum power: 185kW/250hp

Continuous power: 130kW/175hp


Up to 16 tonnes

Cab exterior design

Renault Trucks D E-TECH parked in a street - new facelift with GSR equipment (General safety regulation)

Cab interior

Renault Trucks E-Tech D equipped with new radars and cameras for the detection of vulnerable road users (VRU) as required by the European Union's General Safety Regulation (GSR), new steering wheel sans airbag

New safety features for the well-being of both drivers and loads

  • Vulnerable Road Users (passenger and driver sides)
  • Airbag (in option)
  • 7- inch screen (rear view camera)
Renault Trucks E-Tech D equipped with new radars and cameras for the detection of vulnerable road users (VRU) as required by the European Union's General Safety Regulation (GSR), new steering wheel sans airbag

New equipments for more driving comfort

  • Optimized grab handle
  • LED ambient light
  • Lockable central storage

Urban transport activities

With the Renault Trucks E-Tech D offer, we design your electric solution which:

  • Delivers lower operating costs while maintaining its operating range and payload;
  • Is perfectly suited for your dry and refrigerated deliveries; 
  • Is qualified to operate for Zero/Low Emission Zones, Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTI) and CO2 regulated industries.  

Our charging solutions adapted to your urban deliveries needs

A full recharge takes less than two hours with a fast charger or overnight on a conventional industrial outlet. The Renault Trucks E-Tech D is adapted to all situations

Mode 2 
  • 43kW AC 
  • The solution for occasional use
  • Less than 5h for 265 kWh
Mode 3 (supplied with the vehicle)
  • 43kW AC 
  • Less than 5h for 265 kWh
  • Connected outlet equipped with a support
Mode 4
  • Up to 150 kW DC
  • For several vehicles or for fast charging
  • Less than 2h
Renault Trucks E-Tech D's charging !

The decarbonized and safe solution for urban deliveries

Because we value the well-being of both drivers and loads, Renault Trucks provides you with new safety features.

Visibility and vulnerable road users


Radars & cameras

Located all around your truck it informs and alerts you to ease your maneuvers.

Automatic Headlamp Switch (AHS)

It improves your visibility and helps to stay focus on the road in peri urban areas.

Vision door*

Available on the passenger side to increase visibility in peri urban areas.



Benefit from tailored services to maximize your uptime

Secure your routes and energy consumption with our serial services.

Services detailed below (navigation, Optifleet modules and Driver App) are included during 8 years with every truck purchase.


Optifleet CHECK*

Analyze the performance of your trucks thanks to reports including data on battery usage, power take-off (PTO) information, load, brake usage, energy consumption.

Optifleet MAP*

Monitor your trucks through:

  • Real-time data: truck geolocation, speed indication, battery level, driver ID card, mileage.
  • Advanced features: management of Points of interests (POIs) and geofencing capabilities, route history.
NEW Optifleet MISSION*
  • Plan the best route for your electric truck, based on vehicle profile, transported load, initial battery level, road restrictions and anticipate the charging stops.
  • Share the itinerary with your drivers.

*More capabilities information available at your dealer.

Driver App
  • Benefit from charge monitoring with range left and alerts in case of charging interruption
NEW Serenity pack

A full contract coverage with predictive capabilities and customer data support :

  • Battery performance commitment: minimum level of energy corresponding to 80% of State of Health available after each full charge
  • Two towings free of charge in case of energy failure
  • Battery pack monitoring
  • Tailor-made performance reports: monitor your electric vehicle and get the best out of it
  • 1 year customer data support (CO2 & usage)

*Features can vary depending on your vehicle model

Finance your electric truck

  • Existing government subsidies advice*
  • Advice on suitable financing and insurance products and plans for electric vehicles
  • Financing of recharging infrastructure* included for electric vehicles in general
Financing and subsidies

*With fixed monthly payments that include financing, insurance, a maintenance contract and a battery performance guarantee, Renault Trucks Financial Services offers you the opportunity to switch to electric vehicles with complete peace of mind.

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