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Renault Trucks E-TECH T Diamond Echo

Let's explain why we created the world's coolest truck

The transport industry is under going major technological transformation, moving from internal combustion engines to electric power. If Renault Trucks is preparing to celebrate its 130th anniversary, it is because we have been able to adapt to this kind of upheaval and is once again rising to the challenge.

We offer a wide range of electric vehicles, from 650kg to 44t. We help companies decarbonizing their activities. Renault Trucks electric solutions with zero exhaust emissions, suitable for regional goods transport in terms of range and applications.

What is the Good Truck in 2024?

In 2024, The Good Truck is electric, comfortable and beautiful. It meets the needs of transport operators and drivers desires. For us, on top of all that, The Good Truck has to be cool, visible and brilliant. That is why we created the Renault Trucks Diamond Echo.

The Renault Truck Diamond Echo is based on a Renault Trucks E-Tech T chassis dedicated for regional distribution activities for food & beverage and hub to hub logistics with a complete offer.

Renault Trucks E-TECH T The Road Show


  • The paint is based on LumiLor technology, which lights up when subjected to an electrical stimulus. It was expertly applied by Demon Paint over the course of two months.
  • Renault Trucks invited drivers from all over Europe to create this design in November 2023. It was selected by over 10,000 internet users in December 2023.
  • The Renault Trucks Diamond Echo is currently touring Europe, meeting transport industry players and the general public, to celebrate the advent of electric transport.

To follow this adventure, see the Roadshow.

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Renault Trucks E-TECH T

The Roadshow

The Road Show European tour

The Renault Trucks Diamond Echo, the unique truck on a European Tour.

Let's see the Roadshow

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