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The all new Renault Trucks Master 4 Red EDITION is available as a van, platform cab or chassis cab to suit your application. It has been designed to make the daily life of drivers in the urban environment easier, and ensure the profitability of deliveries. Discover the benefits.

The all new Renault Trucks Master 4 Red EDITION can be adapted to meet your requirements

Whatever the constraints, the all new Renault Trucks Master 4 Red EDITION will meet your business needs. You can choose from over 350 different configurations and payloads, from 7 to 24 cubic metres. The all new Renault Trucks Master 4 is available in front-wheel drive with a range of class-leading ICE or Electric drive trains.

  • Whether driving in urban environments or on the motorway, the front-wheel drive version allows enhanced driving pleasure and lower fuel consumption

  • The all new Renault Trucks Master 4 is available in either 3.5t or 4t, perfect for transporting heavy loads

You can choose from 4 diesel engines between 105 and 170 hp. If your vehicles complete lower mileage round trips, or if you need to access LEZ (low-emissions zones), you can opt for Renault Trucks Master E-Tech 100% electric, which provides an operating range of up to 398 km and offers similar performance to diesel variants whilst being zero emission. 

The 150 and 170 hp front-wheel drive models can also be equipped with the all new 9 speed ZF automated transmission (from January 2025). This is ideal for multi-drop operations and those customers who require the very best in driving comfort.

As industry leaders, we have formed close partnerships with many bodybuilders. This means that whether a platform cab or chassis-cab variant, an all new Renault Trucks Master 4 can be adapted fully to your activity to make your daily life easier.

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Make package handling simple and safe

The all new Renault Trucks Master 4 has been designed to make loading and unloading easier and safer. The vehicle is equipped with access grab handles in the loading area, on the side door, and the rear doors. The all new Renault Trucks Master 4 has the widest side load door at 1350 mm, meaning ease of access for your drivers. Getting in and out is also made easier thanks to a rear access step 436 mm from the ground. The rear and side loading sills are also as low as possible (starting at 542 mm at the rear and 499 mm at the side). The rear doors can be opened and locked at 180° or 270°, depending on requirements. Handling packages is made safer, thanks to the LED lighting in the loading area and the alarm anti-lift function. 

An additional anti-intrusion alarm keeps packages secure while the vehicle is stationary. Volumetric and perimeter alarms also warn you in the event of a problem.

Deliver safely

Your drivers are bound by considerable constraints, especially when they are working in town. The all new Renault Trucks Master 4 comes equipped with GSR2 safety and boasts over 24 advanced driver assistance systems to enhance driver safety in a constricted environment. In terms of active safety, the all new Renault Trucks Master 4 is equipped with AEBS, ESP stability control (as standard), SWA, extended grip, TPS monitoring, LDW, LKA, driver drowsiness alert and detection, MOIS, distance warning, blind-spot information, rear-parking sensors, and E-CALL to name but a few. Other safety features such as reverse cameras are available as options. 

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In terms of passive safety, one of the main problems encountered when making deliveries in town are blind spots. The all new Renault Trucks Master 4 has a "wide-angle" interior rear-view mirror to circumvent this issue. All rear-view mirrors may also be equipped with a "blind spot warning" that illuminates to warn the driver of objects or people situated in the blind spots. Finally, the all new Renault Trucks Master 4 is highly manoeuvrable thanks to its reduced wheel base and new steering system, meaning that the turning radius is one of the best on the market.  

Benefit from our dedicated specialist network

Our network specialises in HGV and LCV applications. Our experts are familiar with your business area and its requirements and challenges, so they are able to support you in finding the vehicle(s) best suited to you. Due to our partnerships with leading bodybuilders, we can also help you design a custom LCV that meets your requirements perfectly. 

Our 24/7 assistance means that you can focus on your business. We also offer a personalised maintenance schedule and a service contract adapted to the use of your vehicles. You can enjoy the benefit of a 2-year parts and labour warranty, meaning that you can work with complete peace of mind. 

We are also here to support you with specialist insurance and financing services for purchasing, leasing and insuring your all new Renault Trucks Master 4. With Renault Trucks Financial Services, we are able to offer you a maintenance and servicing contract, financing and insurance in the same single global offer package. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us to benefit from personalised support. 

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