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More and more cities and urban areas are implementing "zero emission" zones for motor vehicles. These restrictions apply to private and professional vehicles. To allow you to continue with your business without restrictions, Renault Trucks offers the Renault Trucks E-Tech Master: an electric commercial vehicle suitable for most applications.  

By choosing an electric LCV, you'll enjoy all the resulting benefits: State grants, access to new markets such as night deliveries or even the chance to respond to calls for tenders with significant environmental constraints.

Electric commercial vehicle fleet: improved last mile delivery

Choosing a fleet of electric commercial vehicles means moving towards the decarbonisation of your business. As a responsible business, you play a direct role in helping the environment and the planet. Today, electric technology is suited to lots of uses and allows you to continue with your business without compromise.

 In fact, last mile delivery is perfect for the use of electric vehicles because its tasks are often located in city centres, access to which is becoming more strictly regulated. Therefore, it is essential to develop your fleet accordingly. Electric commercial vehicles from the Renault Trucks E-Tech range allow you to deliver in "low emissions" and even "zero emissions" zones. Thanks to the silence of the electric engines, you can also extend your delivery hours to increase customer satisfaction.

The benefits of electric vans

Driver comfort is significantly improved daily: driving an electric commercial vehicle is more pleasant and quieter than driving a conventional commercial vehicle. In other words, driving is much more pleasant and less stressful.

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Installation and maintenance of charging infrastructures for your electric trucks

Self-employed worker or craftman: an electric van made just for you

Renault Trucks offers not one but various electric vehicles based on the Renault Trucks E-tech Master. The various possible configurations allow you to customise yours based on your needs, just as you would a conventional vehicle. There are no fewer than seven different versions available. The van is available in three lengths and two heights depending on whether you need to focus on volume, payload or compactness. In addition, the platform-cab or even chassis-cab versions offer a large payload from 1321 kg to 1594 kg (excluding bodyshell).


The electric engine offers power of 57 kWh with max. torque of 225 Nm. It is powered by a lithium-ion battery offering a range of 200 kilometres, sufficient for most needs. This range can be optimised and preserved by using your vehicle as effectively as possible. As an example, Renault Trucks E-Tech Master is equipped with a regenerative braking system that converts the braking energy into electricity to supply the battery, low-resistance tyres when driving and a pre-heating system for the cab which can be set to pre-condition the cab during charging. Renault Trucks also offers eco-driving training, specially adapted to driving electric vehicles.

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Electric LCV: Tailor-made support

Present in the market since 2010, Renault Trucks has extensive experience with electric vehicles and our experts help with your requirements from start to finish. We start by working with you on a customised diagnosis to define your energy needs: this will vary depending on your business requirements. Then we work with you on a charging solution and determine the infrastructure you'll need. The location of charging infrastructure and their type is essential for the availability of your vehicle. There are various solutions, based on your constraints, with rapid charging options using direct current taking just 3 hrs or 2 hrs for an 80% charge.

With the support of Renault Trucks, the transition to electromobility can be profitable for your company: we estimate the total cost of ownership of an electric vehicle to be 30% less than the cost of owning a conventional vehicle. 

Renault Trucks is very experienced in electromobility and is the only manufacturer to offer an eight-year or 160,000 kilometres parts and labour guarantee for its batteries (for 66% battery state of health). This guarantee is in addition to the two-year guarantee on the vehicle itself.  

Our experts are all trained in electric technology. They can help you to choose the best vehicle for your needs and the services that accompany it. This will facilitate a positive transition to an electric LCV fleet. We can also help with the financing of your project. We have special offers for self-employed workers and we can help you to identify any State grants for which you are eligible based on your business and location (government or local grants for example). Renault Trucks Financial Services offers specialist insurance and financing services for electric vehicles. These "turnkey solutions" combine financing, insurance, and maintenance contract, with a battery performance guarantee for a fixed monthly fee. This means you'll know the real cost of your investment and you won't have any surprises. Support is at the heart of our offer, which is why we also help with the installation and maintenance of charging infrastructure adapted to your business.

Renault Trucks electric commercial vehicles: they made the switch

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