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Safe and efficient road maintenance operations

Renault Trucks D

Whether your activity includes road maintenance, snow-ploughing, vehicle breakdown operations or even all three, you need well-adapted vehicles that are efficient and ensure everyone’s safety. Discover Renault Trucks’ offers, and receive personalised support that meets all your needs.

Rely on vehicles specially designed for road maintenance

Road maintenance services require vehicles with very specific bodywork. By closely collaborating with bodybuilders, Renault Trucks equips its vehicles beforehand according to how you intend to use it, which makes bodybuilders’ work easier and reduce body-building time. For instance, Renault Trucks offers specific road-sweeping models in its D Range, that have a crossbar and cleared stringers to free up space for cleaning equipment (sweeper, vacuum, blower).

Renault Trucks D

For the Renault Trucks C or K models used for snow-ploughing, the front of the truck has a special indent in the radiator grille, and reinforcements to attach the blade. For scrubber-sweepers that do not carry heavy loads, the Renault Trucks D can be fitted with a special 100% steel bumper for improved impact resistance.

Renault Trucks C
Renault Trucks C


Ensure utmost safety for your employees and road users

Road maintenance implies working amidst other users in situations that can sometimes be quite complicated. Your employees’ work tool must be sufficiently safe for daily use, and for other road users. This is why Renault Trucks’ vehicles are carefully studied, to ensure excellent visibility through the windscreen, thanks to wide-angle rear- and front-view mirrors. The D range may also be fitted with “vision doors” that have a window in the lower part of the side door to better visualize cyclists and pedestrians. Similarly, we installed certain safety features to the cabs such as additional headlights, light signals and work lights.

Renault Trucks C

Manage your fleet in line with your needs

Whether road maintenance was scheduled or not, it can be subject to certain risks. Thanks to the Optifleet fleet management smart solution, you are able to follow all your vehicles directly via your smartphone, tablet or desktop, receive driving or driver information, and contact the latter to inform them of other jobs. Optifleet also enables you to compile data regarding vehicle consumption and use: excessive slow gear use, driver’s level of anticipation, etc. You will be alerted in the event of over-consumption, and can follow up on all your drivers and their long-term performance via the Ecoscore tool.

Optimize maintenance for your road maintenance trucks

Opt for cheaper repairs

If a vehicle part needs replacing or repairing, Renault Trucks offers an alternative to new parts with the eXchange offer. This eXchange process consists in renovating parts by replacing any worn-out or deteriorated components with certified original parts. New components are tested to ensure the same performance level as new parts. They benefit from a two-year part warranty, including labour. This system is both economical and environmentally-friendly, and comes as part of Renault Trucks’ sustainable development approach.

Schedule vehicle maintenance

Road maintenance trucks and municipal trucks have long life cycles. To ensure suitable performance levels in the long term, Renault Trucks offers personalised maintenance plans. Each contract lasts 2 to 7 years and ranges up to 250,000 km per year. They are adapted to each vehicle based on its model and usage. It may include preventive maintenance operations to reduce immobilisation expenses.

Renault Trucks d

Finance your vehicles based on their usage

Vehicles dedicated to road maintenance and their equipment often require a large budget. To support you in the best way possible in terms of financing, Renault Trucks offers several on- or off-balance-sheet solutions, depending on what is most interesting to you. From rental to loans or hire-purchase, your Renault Trucks advisor will assess the best solutions with you to finance and insure your vehicles.

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