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Whether you're a craft worker or trader, your commercial vehicle is your work tool. To allow you to do your job in optimal conditions, we offer a wide and varied range of vans and related services, adapted to each of your activities and constraints. We have been supporting professionals for more than a century and you can benefit from our knowledge by contacting our experts for advice.

Features of Renault Trucks Vans

With the advice of the Renault Trucks experts, we can provide a van that is very versatile and suited to your needs. Whether you are a carpenter who needs your vehicle to be a mobile workshop, a gardener, or even a logger with significant equipment and driveability constraints, it is possible to customise a complementary Renault Trucks Trafic or Renault Trucks Master to meet your specific needs.

You can customise your Renault Trucks van based on six different lengths (4 for Renault Trucks Master and 2 for Renault Trucks Trafic) and five different heights (3 for Renault Trucks Master and 2 for Renault Trucks Trafic) depending on your volume or payload requirements. Renault Trucks Master is available with a traction or propulsion engine and Renault Trucks Trafic is available with a traction engine.

To facilitate loading or round trips in your van, you can choose between one or two side doors for accessing the inside. The back and side doors are large and can be specially configured for loading large objects up to the equivalent of a Euro pallet (with 1270 mm doors). For example, the L4H3 version of the Renault Trucks Master has a total payload of 17 m3 available, with a useful height of 2048 mm and a useful length of 4383 mm!

The right commercial van for you

We understand the everyday pressures faced by professionals; that's why Renault Trucks vans are very adaptable. Depending on your business, you may need to work standing up inside your van, which is possible with H3 and H4 heights. For teamwork, Renault Trucks Trafic and Renault Trucks Master are available with 2 to 9 seats. If you don't need volume but instead require a compact and short vehicle which can move around the city centre, park easily and even be categorised as a car on the motorway, the H1 height option for Renault Trucks Trafic will be right for you. We can help you with the configuration to meet your needs.

The rear interior fittings of our vans are also fully modulable and customisable. They have been designed to adapt to your business and your specific needs. For example, it is possible to install hatches under the seats, or add LED lighting. There are also fittings to protect the vehicle so it is with you for the long term. Our teams of experts will be able to advise you to help you design the vehicle best suited to your needs, and facilitate your daily tasks.

A practical LCV for everyday use: comprehensive equipment and driving assistance

We have equipped our vans with various driving aids to help with your journeys and reduce your fuel consumption on a daily basis: automatic gearbox, stop/start system, eco mode, etc.  

Renault Trucks vans have premium equipment to provide driving comfort when you travel, such as: wide windscreen, 3.5" or 4.2" navigation screen, air-conditioning, wireless charger for your smartphone, 22 litres of storage on the dashboard, removable passenger tray, etc. The equipment has been designed to make your life easier and make your vehicle an extension of your office.

For optimal safety, Renault Trucks Master and Renault Trucks Trafic offer the latest safety devices, such as: hill start assist, front and rear sensors, ESC stability control, lane departure warning, blind spot alert, side wind assistance, active emergency braking, and the Extended Grip system for driving on difficult terrain (snow, sand, mud, etc).


100% electric or conventional van 

Renault Trucks offers a wide range of engines including a 100% electric version with performances adapted to the majority of uses. With three lengths and two heights available and a range of up to 200 kilometres, the Renault Trucks E-Tech Master is a reliable alternative to a conventional LCV. There are many advantages to electric commercial vehicles: in addition to helping you decarbonise your business, they allow you to lower your operating costs and access the LEZ (low emission zones) that many urban areas now have. Electric commercial vehicles are also pleasant to drive, and silent.

If an electric engine is not the preferred choice, Renault Trucks offers turbo and twin turbo engines (single turbo for Renault Trucks Trafic and twin turbo for Renault Trucks Master) with up to 400 Nm of torque while being very fuel efficient. 

Services tailored to the use of your commercial van

Renault Trucks offers a range of services to allow you to focus on your job to guarantee the profitability of your business. We offer all-in-one support with several financing options (classic credit, leasing, renting) and maintenance offers based on how you use your vehicle. This means you can plan and manage the total cost of owning your van and include it in your budget to avoid surprises. With Renault Trucks Financial Services, we offer a maintenance and upkeep contract, financing and insurance in a single package to make things easier for you.  

For maintenance, choose our predictive maintenance offers to limit the time your van is out of service and ensure the smooth running of your business. This will allow you to spread the costs and manage your budget. Since we are specialists in professional vehicles, we suggest the maintenance plan most suited to your van based on its use. Focus on your job thanks to our 24/7 assistance services. In addition, you'll receive a 2-year parts and labour guarantee for added peace of mind.

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Renault Trucks also has the biggest network of professionals on the market to support you, with over 1400 service points in Europe: wherever you are, there is a service point for you. We also have partnerships with the best body builders to help you design the perfect vehicle for your needs.

Please contact us to find out more and to receive personalised support.

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