Customise Your Renault Trucks T

Exterior painting T Range

With our wide range of paintings, benefit from Renault Trucks’s expertise and enjoy driving a beautiful truck !


  • Style / personalisation 
  • High quality level 
  • Limited impact on delivery date

Our experts can paint all the highlighted parts below

legend of the paintable parts of T trucks
F1  Mirror bracket
F2 Mirror liaison bracket
F5 Pi
F6 Corner (without grilles and without attachment pads)
F7 Central bumper
F8 Mirror cover
F10 Mirror covers
F11 Handles
F13 Towing yoke trim pieces
F14 Front grilles
F27 Headlight trims for plastic bumper
legend of the paintable parts of T High trucks
F3 Upper Pi internal grille
F4 Upper Pi interior
F9 Sunvisor
F12 Upper Pi
F15 Moulding strip trim
F16 Air Intake trim
F17 Mirror cover
F18 Wheel rim (steel version only)
F19 Door lock
F20 Upper and rear fenders
F21 Exhaust cover plate
F26 Steps (right-hand and left-hand)

And we can do so much more. For more information, contact your nearest dealer.

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