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Renault Trucks and Kleuster have joined forces in a strategic partnership to revolutionise urban delivery. Together, they work on a one-of-a-kind urban mobility solution: the Freegône electric cargo bikes.

Cycle logistics: Renault Trucks and Kleuster join forces

Assembled in the heart of Renault Trucks' Vénissieux industrial site, these electric cargo bikes are set to redefine the last mile delivery landscape.  

The Freegône cargo bike emerges in response to the escalating challenges of urban delivery transportation—expanding low-emission zones, a surge in last-mile delivery demands, and increased environmental consciousness.  

Seamlessly manoeuvering through pedestrian zones, bike lanes, and restricted traffic zones, this multipurpose cargo bike not only accelerates delivery operations, performing up to 60% faster than traditional utility vehicles in the city, but also addresses the growing need for sustainable and agile solutions - All for a lower operational cost. 

Renault Trucks extends its electric vehicle range with this zero-emissions solution, making Renault Trucks the only European manufacturer with such a wide range of electric vehicles, (varying between 650 kg and 44 t GVWR). The Freegône electric cargo bike positions itself as a game-changer in the ever-evolving urban delivery arena and offers efficient mobility solutions where traditional utility vehicles fall short.

full E-Tech range

Compact design ideal for narrow city manoeuvers


100% electric

0 emissions 


Up to 300 kg payload and 2 m3 storage volume 


Up to 80 km of autonomous range in a single day


Up to 60% faster than an LCV in urban settings


Some Freegônes have been operating for more than 7 years

One cargo bike, multiple configurations

The Freegône electric cargo bike stands out for its unparalleled adaptability. Built on a single-body chassis, it is the only urban delivery bike of its kind, offering five distinct modules conceived for diverse purposes.  

Its dry cell module boasts an unmatched carrying capacity with a ​​300 kg payload and 2m3 of storage volume. In contrast, the refrigerated box module, unique in the market, offers ATP-approved temperature control from -25°C to +4°C, catering to the demands of temperature-sensitive deliveries. Additionally, the Freegône accommodates modules for food service, flat bin, and refuse skip, each with unique features.  

This modular design makes the Freegône ideal for various applications, from traditional courier services to waste collection, green space maintenance, and even the food sector. No matter its use, the bike is prepared to take on urban streets with a top speed of 18km/h, the ability to climb slopes of 18% incline, high-performance brakes, and up to 80 km of autonomous range per day. 

Each cargo bike is equipped with quality features to increase safety and facilitate working conditions for drivers. With 14 sensors, an anti-rollback brake, 360° visibility, LED headlights and start assistance, Freegône cargo bikes have been designed with utility and safety in mind. Beyond this, an integrated smart system known as Kleuster Connect also provides the possibility to track geolocation, delivery activity, battery status, and maintenance reports to ensure proper upkeep and efficiency of your cargo bike fleet.

dry cell Freegône

Dry cell Freegône

  • Key-secured openings 
  • Help to maintain the hatch 
  • Stainless steel handle 
  • Several choices of interior layouts (option) 
  • Customisable covering (option) 
  • Single or double door rear hatch model 
  • Aluminum MCD curtain side hatch and rear hatch model 
Refrigerated cell Freegône

Refrigerated cell Freegône

  • ATP approved body and cooling unit 
  • Secure rear hatch with double seals 
  • Stainless steel handle 
  • Door contactor for counting the openings 
  • Evaporator fans shut down when doors are opened 
  • Automatic interior LED lighting 
  • Secure side opening (option) 
  • Bi-temperature (option) 
  • Several choices of interior layouts (option) 
  • Customisable covering (option) 
  • Isothermal module 
  • Positive cold module 
  • Negative cold module 
food cell Freegône

Food cell Freegône

  • Door or drawer layout for a 60 L capacity 
  • Electric columns with remote control 
  • Solar panels for electricity production 
  • Preparation, cooking and dressing area 
  • LED lighting of the activity area 
  • Shelf or hand wash/scoop rinser depending on the activity 
  • Storage shelves under the roof 
  • Customisable Lambrequins (option) 
  • Customisable covering (option) 
  • Ipad support (option) 
  • Bed tip-up + half window model 
  • Piano model 
  • Full showcase model 
KLEUSTER Freegone Tray Cell

Bed Tip-Up Freegône

  • Lightweight aluminum bed tip-up, tilting on the long version 
  • Wireless remote control 
  • Removable curtains 
  • 600 mm curtains elevation (option) 
  • Customisable tarp on long bed tip-up (option) 
  • Several securing points to attach the éléments (option) 
  • LED beacon (option) 
  • Flash sorting (option) 
  • Short bed tip-up + trunk model 
  • Long bed tip-up model 
refuse skip Freegône

Refuse Skip Freegône

  • Drain valve 
  • Shovels and brooms case 
  • Side gates accessible to people from 1.5 to 2 m 
  • Wireless remote control to activate the raising and lowering of the refuse skip 
  • Penetration lights 
  • Beacon 
  • Rear bumper 
  • Stabilising stand for emptying 
  • Emptying at standstill only 
  • Emergency stop button 
  • Roll-up net to cover and increase the volume contained (option) 
  • Separation of the refuse skip for selective sorting (option) 

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A multi-use electric cargo bike

Delivery & messaging

The innovative configurations of the Freegône, coupled with its cutting-edge technology, position it as a versatile and efficient solution for a wide array of urban delivery challenges. The dry cell module, for example, excels in streamlined delivery and messaging. With a remarkable ​​300 kg payload and 2m3 volume, parcel transport, courier services, and packages of varying sizes are collected and transported with ease and efficiency.


Catering, street food & snaking

The Freegône’s refrigerated module, food module and dry cell module are ideal for meeting the specific requirements of catering, street food, and snack setups. With refrigeration capabilities ranging as cold as -25°C, temperature sensitive foods can remain fresh and meet food safety standards throughout transportation and storage.  

The Freegône’s food module comes in three adaptable choices for various businesses: the showcase, half showcase and piano models, each applicable to different presentation options. In as little as one minute, the food module transforms from a transportation method to a suitable workspace for on-site food preparation and service. It can store items for up to 8 hours in positive cold conditions or 4 hours in negative cold, making it perfect for outdoor markets, events, and locations with limited power access. Plus, its compact size gives you the freedom to set up service practically anywhere.  

With Freegône’s dry cell module, easily transport dry food goods directly to and from your client’s place of business, or complement food service events with non-perishable foods, dishware or cutlery.


Green space maintenance and urban cleanliness

The Freegône cargo bike’s refuse skip module enables it to efficiently collect and transport city waste, leaves and general debris from public spaces. With a carrying capacity of 250 kg, an automatic unloading feature capable of discharging goods in under 20 seconds, and of course 0 carbon emissions, this solution ensures quick and convenient waste disposal to keep our cities clean.  

For creating and maintaining urban green spaces, Freegône’s bed tip-up module is our go-to bike delivery solution. Easily collect and transport up to 300 kg of materials like soil or mulch to enhance urban green spaces and get direct access to hard-to-reach areas like flower beds, playgrounds or city gardens.   

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