Renault Truck E-Tech Roadshow

Renault Trucks E-TECH T The Road Show

An electric truck touring in Europe

In 2024, The Good Truck is electric, comfortable and beautiful. It meets the needs of transport operators and the desires of drivers. For us, on top of that all of that, The Good Truck has to be cool and visible. Brilliant. That is why we created the Diamond Echo.

And nos just any truck: the Renault Trucks Diamond Echo, a unique, electroluminescent Renault Trucks E-Tech T.

Did you still think that the range of electric trucks was a problem? That recharging was impossible? Let us prove the possibilities of the Renault Trucks E-Tech during the Roadshow, from 10th of April to 19th of July 2024.

The Roadshow in figures


7 countries crossed

including France, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium and Germany.

More than 60 stages

for meeting drivers, hauliers and the onlookers. Numerous journalists and transport enthusiasts will also be welcome at the wheel during these many stages.

Over 10,000 km

to prove the reliability of the Renault Trucks E-Tech and the expertise of our European network.

The Roadshow by Renault Trucks

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