ITT HUB: CV Focus Podcast: Carlos Rodrigues

In the run up to the Innovation & Technology in Transport Hub (ITT Hub) 2021 event which will take place next May, ITT Hub broadcasts an agenda-setting podcast on their website which takes you right to the heart of what’s happening in the industry today. Talking to leaders in the transport industry discussing recent and future developments and opportunities.

The ITT Hub 2021 is a new event focused on transport and innovation technology for fleet operators and policy makers run by Logistics UK (ex-FTA). The combined indoor and outdoor exhibition will showcase interactive displays and demonstrations by over 6,000 commercial fleet operators and manufacturers, and host the Future Logistics conference with over a 100 high-profile speakers.

In episode 2 of their CV Focus podcast series, Matthew Eisenegger, editor in chief of CV Driver Magazine and FORS the Standard Magazine, talks to Carlos Rodrigues, MD of Renault Trucks UK & Ireland about electromobility and the acceleration this part of the industry has been going through lately, even during challenging COVID times.

Carlos shares with the listeners why they should not wait any longer and start their journey to electromobility. “The technology is different, the way of running your operation and the maintenance of the vehicles are different. Customers who start getting used to all this now by converting part of their fleet to electric vehicles, will be ready to go completely electric in the near future when regulations, policies and more and more customers will ask for it.”

Matthew digs deeper into topics that might raise questions with operators considering converting to electric, in terms of investment needed in infrastructure on their premises, the cost comparison between diesel and electric  vehicles, the Renault Trucks range availability, the 10 year power battery promise but also service, maintenance and finance offers.

With Renault Trucks’ main focus on fully electric vehicles, Carlos explains where hydrogen vehicles fit in the picture, not as a competing but very much a complimentary solution to fully electric vehicles. After all, as he describes it “hydrogen is electromobility, with the difference that you produce the electricity with the fuel while you are driving”.

While they appreciate that this COVID period has not only been very challenging but also a sad time for many friends and families, Matthew and Carlos highlight some positives that have come out of this for the industry. People in big cities have experienced better air quality and will be looking for ways to continue this, and people have had time to reflect, and seriously consider electromobility as a way forward for their business. Customers want to do the right thing for the future, the planet and future generations. A lot of them will be subcontractors to big organisations which will have CO2 emission obligations and policies that they will need to adhere by to keep their business compliant and to satisfy their shareholders and their customers. By switching to electric, companies can be on the front-foot with future proofing their businesses.

To hear the full podcast, visit the ITT Hub website or listen on Spotify.