Renault Trucks has renewed its five year partnership with the World Food Programme (WFP) for a further three years. The vehicle manufacturer is committed to working alongside the WFP, the leading humanitarian organisation delivering food assistance in emergencies and working with communities to improve nutrition and build resilience.

Since 2012, the manufacturer has deployed a mobile training unit and sent volunteer staff to several WFP offices in Africa to share their skills and train local teams. This has resulted in fifteen training sessions being held in twelve African countries, training a total of 200 mechanics, workshop supervisors and fleet managers.

Jean-François Milhaud, the World Food Programme Global Fleet Manager, gave a positive assessment of these first five years of cooperation: “WFP’s partnership with Renault Trucks is of great importance and is highly regarded. Their support in training and upskilling our staff has been incredibly valuable and has resulted in a range of benefits, including increased motivation amongst staff, cost savings and operational efficiencies.”

To facilitate the logistics of organising training sessions, Renault Trucks is allocating a second mobile training unit– a Range K 6x6 – which will be dedicated to supporting WFP teams working in West Africa. The initial mobile training unit will be kept and located in East Africa.

Renault Trucks is also set to add a new training session designed for drivers operating in challenging terrain, covering in-depth familiarisation of their vehicle and its functions to enable them to deal more easily with complex situations.  The trainers will also help the drivers to gain proficiency in the principles of eco-driving. Training sessions for mechanics, workshop supervisors and fleet managers will be continued.

In addition, volunteers from Renault Trucks will be deployed on one-month missions to the field, providing technical support to WFP’s staff in key areas related to efficient fleet management.

Forthcoming training sessions:

- April 2019: Mechanic training in Uganda

- June 2019: Driver training in the Democratic Republic of Congo

- November 2019: Fleet manager training in Lyon


This partnership is one of the CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility - actions of Renault Trucks. Fully aware of its responsibilities, Renault Trucks undertakes to design, produce and distribute products with integrity that meet its customers' requirements, reduce the environmental impact of its business and fulfil its responsibilities as an employer, as well as its role as a corporate citizen in the countries involved.