Reduce fuel consumption

IMPROVE your vehicles' fuel consumption

Optifleet Check is the perfect tool to help you lower fuel consumption and reduce your environmental impact. Identify potential savings with this remote monitoring system, used to track your fleet and driver data.This service allows you to generate detailed reports at driver, truck and fleet level, giving you a clear picture of fuel consumption, miles driven, emission levels and more. It is now easier than ever to identify areas of potential improvement and follow up on the results. Choose from an array of reports, including vehicle performance and driving style indicators. Data on fuel level changes, idling times and time spent in the green zone are all collected and sent to you automatically by email, you choose the frequency: daily, weekly or monthly.




Fuel consumption management is complex and it is difficult to pinpoint specific areas of improvement, especially for medium and large sized companies with many drivers. Eco-Score enables you to monitor your driver team performance based purely on Renault Trucks recommended driving best practice.

How does it work? – The score for your fleet is calculated by a Renault Trucks algorithm based on 20 years of experience in fuel efficiency. The systems checks against the following criteria:


  • Anticipation
  • Green Zone use
  • Speed Adaptation
  • Use of Braking Systems

The algorithm has been built based on the Renault Trucks driving recommendations which promote the maximum use of:


  • The automatic mode of the Optidriver gearbox
  • The retarder vs the braking pedal

While speed, engine load and weight are not included in the Optifleet algorithm they are still recorded so that the transport office can gain a full perspective of the data.

Not only can Eco- Score lower fuel expenditure it can also encourage a reduction in the wear of brake pads and tyres.

Current customers already using the ‘Check’ Module will directly benefit from the use of Eco-Score.