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Welcome to PARTS4U 2021!

Winter-Spring Truck & LCV Offers

Valid from 1st January to 31st March 2021

At PARTS4U we are committed to rewarding your loyalty with exclusive offers and discounts on Renault Trucks Genuine parts, with 2 year fitted price warranty.


New for 2021

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COLLECT FINE PARTICULATES - The Renault Trucks DPF captures up to 99% of the harmful particulates emitted by diesel engines. This performance is possible thanks to the unique structure and high quality of the ceramic filter.

REDUCE POLLUTANT EMISSIONS - The goal of the Renault Trucks DPF is to significantly reduce pollutants. This reduction is possible thanks to the unique structure of our DPF.

35% off eXchange Renault Trucks Genuine
diesel particulate filters

Ask your dealer about fitting options!

Offer exclusions: LCV range


Bulbs should always be replaced in pairs. The service life of bulbs is identical. If a bulb blows, the bulb on the other side will also be approaching the end of its service life.

In a certain number of countries, it is either mandatory or strongly recommended by road safety organisations to carry a set of bulbs in your vehicle.

25% off NEW Renault Trucks Genuine bulb kits 24v

Offer exclusions: LCV range


Easy to adjust and fold in to fit into narrow spaces.

The mirrors have good aerodynamic characteristics, and are designed not to vibrate. The design of the mirror and mounting bracket has been optimised to deflect dirt from the cab and the mirror glass, as well as reducing fuel consumption and minimising wind noise.


35% off NEW Renault Trucks Genuine
complete side mirrors

Offer exclusions: LCV range

Drive Belt Tensioner Kits

Bends 25% more easily than a standard belt and produces less friction, meaning longer belt life.

35% off NEW Renault Trucks Genuine drive belt tensioner kits

Offer exclusions: LCV range

APM Filter Kits

Removes water, oil and particles from the compressed air intended for the braking circuit.


35% off NEW Renault Trucks Genuine
APM filter kits

Ask your dealer about fitting options!

Offer exclusions: LCV range



Long service life. High quality. Comes complete with storage box to prevent accidental damage.

Offer exclusions: Trucks range

20% off NEW Renault Master Van Genuine
bulb kits 12v

wind deflector kits

Consumption gain. Easy to fit with no drilling or sticking. Design in harmony with the vehicle.

Offer exclusions: Trucks range

10% off
NEW Renault Master Van Genuine wind deflector kits


What is the new PARTS4U offer and who is it for?

  • It’s a retail offering open to customers who buy parts to fit themselves or for fitment in an Authorised Renault Trucks workshop in the United Kingdom.
  • Restrictions apply. Please contact your local dealer.