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Welcome to PARTS4U 2021!

Spring-SUMMER Truck & VAN PARTS Offers

Valid from 1st April to 30th June 2021

At PARTS4U we are committed to rewarding your loyalty with exclusive discount offers on Renault Trucks Genuine parts for your HGV and LCV.


Discount straight off the price

No loyalty cards, no reward points. The discount value simply stays in your pocket!


The best value for your money

Fit the Genuine parts in our authorised Renault Trucks workshop in the UK with our Renault Trucks highly trained technicians and enjoy the benefits of 2 years fitted price warranty.


Ask your local Renault Trucks dealer about PARTS4U discounts and start saving today!


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Impressive cleaning over the entire surface area of the windscreen, thanks to an even distribution of pressure with more than 1500 pressure points compared to four to eight forconventional wiper blades.



30% off Renault Trucks Genuine Wiper Blades - packs and singles


Developed for each model of vehicle according to its use, the pads have a perfect geometry to adapt to the brake callipers. They prevent vibrations, thermal cracks and premature wear of the brake disc.

To ensure braking performance, all pads must be changed at the same time. This also reduces the number of visits to the repairer.

30% off Renault Trucks Genuine Brake Pads Kits


Clean air is essential for optimum engine performance, but air is anything but clean.

Fit a Renault Trucks Genuine Air Filter and give your engine the best possible protection from dirt particles as small as 5 to 15 thousand of a millimetre.


30% off Renault Trucks Genuine Air Filter Inserts



The precise curvature and dimensions give perfect fit, quick installation and eliminates the risk of leakage. The windscreen also contributes to the cab’s overall safety structure.

30% off Renault Trucks Genuine Windscreens


Renault Trucks eXchange clutches are always re-manufactured to meet the most recent technical specification. If any part does not fully comply with the quality standards of a new product, it is replaced with a brand-new Renault Trucks Genuine part.

During re-assembly, the same standards are applied as if it was a new product.


30% off eXchange Renault Trucks Genuine Clutch Kits

(Offer Excludes: New Clutch Kits)



The wiper blades ensure minimum wiper-induced wind noise and provide great winter performance, giving the driver excellent visibility in all weather conditions.


30% off Renault Master Van Genuine
Wiper Blades


The clutch kit in your vehicle is the link between the gearbox and the engine.

Speak to your nearest Renault Trucks dealer about clutch kits made of heavy-duty components to ensure a long service life and smooth operation for the driver.

(Offer Excludes: eXchange Clutch Kits)

25% off New Renault Master Van Genuine Clutch Kits


Never compromise on the view of the road. High quality mirrors are important for driver comfort and safety.

(Offer Excludes: individual Mirror Glass and Master Z.E. Rear-view Mirrors)

35% off
Renault Master Van Genuine Complete Rear-view Mirrors


In a world where power is ever-present and needed for everyday activity, electricity is essential to start the vehicle and run body builder accessories. Renault Trucks batteries give optimal cold starting power.

TIP: Always replace your battery with a battery of the same technology. Never use a standard battery for a vehicle with Stop and Start. Only AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) and EFB (Enhanced Flooded Battery) batteries are likely to be resistant to frequent charge and discharge cycles on vehicles equipped with Stop and Start.

(Offer Excludes: Master Z.E. Batteries)

20% off Renault Master Van Genuine Batteries


Brake pads are a vital component of every disc brake braking system. Our brake pads are made from high quality materials ensuring optimum efficiency and safety for the driver.

TIP: Ensure your brake pads are replaced before the minimum brake pad thickness (including backplate) reaches 9mm.

(Offer Excludes: Master Z.E Brake Pad Kits)


30% off
Renault Master Van Genuine Brake Pad Kits


What is the new PARTS4U offer and who is it for?

  • It’s a retail offering open to customers who buy parts to fit themselves or for fitment in an Authorised Renault Trucks workshop in the United Kingdom.
  • Restrictions apply. Please contact your local dealer.