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"Remanufactured to last": this is the aim of our REMAN offer

These days, being innovative is no longer restricted to doing something new. It is mainly about remaining competitive while limiting the environmental impact. Therefore, at Renault Trucks, we firmly believe in the logic of circular economy to which we have been committed for many years, and in terms of our customer service, the REMAN offer is at the heart of this circularity.

Renault Trucks spare parts: the benefits of the REMAN offer


The REMAN reconditioned spare parts offer is proof that it is possible to offer ingenious, competitive and profitable solutions to help you in your business, while preserving natural resources and limiting the environmental impact. These are reconditioned spare parts. The process takes place in specialised factories according to a rigorous industrial process to achieve identical performances and reliability to new parts. With the REMAN offer, Renault Trucks allows you to focus on sustainable development while making savings.

Circularity which reduces the environmental impact of your activity

The reconditioning of worn spare parts can save 80% of CO2 , over 85% of raw materials and 80% of energy compared to producing a new product. It can optimise the use of natural resources and helps your company to pursue a circular economy approach.

Spare parts up to 30% less expensive

The possibility of repairing your truck with spare parts that cost 30% less is not negligeable for your balance sheet. Reusing and reconditioning parts rather than producing new ones allows us to offer you these parts at competitive prices.

An identical warranty to the original part

Renault Trucks REMAN parts come with a two-year warranty: this is the same as for new original parts. During the renewal process, components which no longer meet the latest technical standards are replaced with new ones. The two-year warranty is a firm commitment that illustrates the high reliability of our REMAN parts, which are reconditioned to last.

A wide range and optimal availability

REMAN by Renault Trucks is a range of over 2,000 parts covering a wide variety of products for all our vehicle ranges and are available in our stores. By choosing this offer, you are reducing the time your trucks are unavailable.

Reconditioned parts without compromising on performance

The REMAN process really extends the life of your truck. Thanks to a rigorous industrial process regulated by European bodies, you can achieve performances identical to those offered by new parts.

Truck repairs: how does REMAN work?

The REMAN process is based on the collection of worn parts via our network of dealers. These parts are then analysed and packaged to be sent for reconditioning. We follow a strict industrial process so that worn parts can regain reliability identical to new parts. This process comprises seven main stages.

Reman process quality


Stage 1: Core collection: receipt of worn parts

The worn parts collected from the trucks arrive at the factory and are stored while awaiting their reconditioning.

Stage 2: Disassembly

Each part is disassembled according to a precise process and with adapted tools. The aim is to preserve components that can be subsequently reused.

Stage 3: Cleaning and surface treatment

After a first life, some components present grease or contaminant residue. Therefore, they need to be cleaned to restore their original appearance. Depending on the type of part, industrial washers, furnace heating or sandblasting techniques can be used.

Stage 4: Inspection and sorting

Not all components can be used. Those that are too damaged, those that are too worn and those that no longer meet the most recent technical standards are discarded. The inspection is carried out visually by operators and, when necessary, using tools such as leak or crack tests for example.

Stage 5: Reconditioning of the components

All worn parts that can be reused are reconditioned according to strict conditions, to be able to meet the original specifications. Parts such as crankshafts or cylinder heads are resurfaced and treated.

Stage 6: Reassembly

Once the parts have been washed, tested and reconditioned, it is time to reassemble them to rebuild gear boxes or other clutches. Components discarded during the sorting phase are replaced by new parts. Although the reassembly processes are sometimes specific to the REMAN factory, the tooling, production methods and torque values are strictly identical to those of new original parts.

Stage 7: Final testing and quality checks

Before leaving the factory for our spare parts stores, each product is tested at the end of the production line using a test bench. This simulates extreme operating conditions to be able to benefit from the same warranty as a new original product.



Reman process


Which parts are covered by the REMAN offer?

REMAN forever


The REMAN by Renault Trucks parts catalogue includes over 2,000 parts grouped into six "large families":

  • System,
  • Electronics,
  • Braking and steering systems,
  • Cooling system,
  • Exhaust and aftertreatment,
  • Engine environment.





Differential carrier, Clutch kit, Declutching servo, Concentric clutch actuator (CCA), Clutch valve unit (CVU), Drive shaft


Alternator, Starter motor, Gearbox ECU (GCU), Engine management system (EMS), Tachograph


Air compressor,

Air production modulator (APM), Brake calliper, Brake shoe kit, Brake compensator and valve, Brake cylinder, Steering pump, Steering box


Coolant pump,

Air conditioning compressor, Cooling radiator, Intercooler


Particulate filter, Urea pump, AdBlue® nozzle, NOx sensor, EGR cooler


Engine and sub-components,

Turbocharger, Injector, Injection pump,


Therefore, it is possible to change a turbo compressor like an injection pump, an EGR cooler like a particle filter, a gear box like a brake cylinder.

With the REMAN offer, we can take care of all your trucks, from the smallest like the Renault Trucks Master or the Renault Trucks Trafic , to the largest like the Renault Trucks T High . Limit your company's environmental impact with total peace of mind.

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