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The 5 things you need to know before electrifying your fleet



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The UK is going green, and quickly. While the prospect of making the transition to alternative energy for your fleet may seem daunting right now, those that start today will learn what it means to operate electric vehicles - before legislation changes and customer pressure give you no choice.


Is EV right for you?


First, consider whether EVs are right for your operation. Covering up to 300km a day and offering charging times of as little as two hours, fully electric vehicles are ready right now. For urban and city applications, from last mile deliveries to specialist urban applications, there are electric minibuses, cherry pickers, skip loaders and refuse vehicles.

But you do need a clear understanding of where an electric vehicle can work. Start by looking at which routes or applications are suitable for electrification, for example an urban operation which is fairly predictable and allows for an overnight charge. From there, you can tailor the right vehicle with the right power for the job in hand.


Select your EV team


Build the team. It’s true that the move to electric will impact on many areas of your business, and this will probably be unlike anything you’ve experienced when purchasing diesels. 

Property or facilities management, purchasing, engineering, distribution, sales and legal, all these departments will need to be on board and work together for a successful implementation. 


Do you have the power?


Do you have the right power available? Check the power profile, see what headroom is available and what grid resources are around your site.  

It isn’t always necessary to invest DC rapid chargers, particularly if your operations involve back to base and are suitable for overnight charging. Renault Trucks’ D E-Tech models charge at 22kWh AC or 150kWh DC. Rapid chargers are more expensive and perhaps better suit operations where a vehicle is being double-shifted, or a top-up charge is required to extend capability beyond the capacity of a single charge.

Large-scale fleet migration should be undertaken with great care as energy supply will become much more critical in future years. Larger operators are already looking at their depots with a view to whether these are suitable bases for electric vehicle operations. Part of Renault Trucks’ offer is to introduce expert companies who can advise on energy supply and charging infrastructure.  


Managing the transition


Consider a small number of electric vehicles in the first phase. Build experience and understanding of these, and then plan for more vehicles and more sites as you build confidence in both the vehicle and its infrastructure. This staged roll-out allows detailed assessment of operations and sites to determine their suitability for electrification, and the time to make any required energy upgrades and to install charging infrastructure.

Take a strategic approach, from vehicle to infrastructure. At Renault Trucks we underwrite our D and D Wide E-Tech vehicles through our unique battery promise, guaranteeing their performance for up to 10 years and will monitor its performance through telematics.

Energy security and infrastructure are as complex, and new solutions are being developed all the time. Look to partners who are serious about electric. Choose a manufacturer who is in it for the long run, with the network and expertise to look after the vehicle. And select an infrastructure partner with the hardware and software to optimise your energy usage. Our Renault Trucks Energy Transition Specialists take a partnership approach with experts across the field to help you plan for success.  

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Our experts can help you decide if EV is right for your business

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