All our solutions to revitalize your engine

New Life Engine Kits are now available!

All our solutions TO revitalize your engine

At Renault Trucks we offer more than just solutions, we offer you a bespoke solution, which is best suited to your needs.

Because we believe that your business, the age of your truck and your needs in terms of reliability, meeting deadlines and budget are all requirements that you must consider, we are offering you the choice of several solutions to revitalize your engine


Cylinder unitCylinder unit

What if you are replacing only the damaged parts?

A cylinder unit developed at the same time as each complete engine variant to ensure optimum interaction
Advanced geometry provides optimised fuel consumption and minimum emissions
The cylinder liner is made of cast iron for a precisely calculated hardness

New Life KitNew Life Kit

What if you are opting for a simple and economic solution?

Find all the parts needed to repair the six cylinder engine units
An innovative, simple, economic and practical solution: cheaper than the retail price of the parts purchased separately

Increases the market value of your vehicle

for DXi 11 - 380/430/460 HP EURO V :

6 cylinder units DXi11
6 big-end bearing sets
7 crankshaft bearing kits
1 thrust washer kit
1 lower gasket set
1 upper gasket set
1 oil pump MD9L/11 56 CC*
1 oil pump sealing ring*
6 oil jets
*Only in Euro 4 and Euro 5 kits


Reconditioned engineReconditioned engine

What if you need to replace your engine at the lowest cost?

Reconditioned engines tested on a dynamometer test bench
Performance levels identical to those of a new engine, unlike competing reconditioned engines
A variety of solutions to meet your needs according to costs and deadlines:
from stock
on request
on quotation

New engineNew engine

What if you choose a new engine?

Genuine parts quality: defined according to the strictest specifications in terms of reliability, safety and environmental standards

Renault Trucks performance: to satisfy the demands of your business: mobility, time critical and safety