In a significant conquest deal for Renault Trucks, the award-winning UK brewer, hotelier and wine merchant, Adnams of Southwold, has added an 18-tonne Range D to its 29-strong delivery fleet, supplied by Renault Trucks approved dealer Norfolk Truck and Van Ltd.

Liveried in one of Adnams’ most popular beers ‘Ghost Ship’ - a pale ale that takes its name from the legend of apparitions that haunt this part of the Suffolk coast - the new Range D18 High 4x2 R250 delivers the company’s full product range including beer, wine, spirits and soft drinks from its East of England base.

Kevin Wells, Adnams’ Supply Chain Manager, explains his vehicle selection: “One of the major reasons for initially selecting the Range D was our willingness to give a new manufacturer the opportunity to prove its vehicle in our fleet. We liked the approach from James Cooper from Norfolk Truck and Van and he put the right deal together. We decided to give one a go on a trial basis, with vehicle reliability being the most important consideration for us.”

Delivering to some of Adnams’ customers can be challenging, especially 400 year old pubs designed when horse and carts were the preferred mode of transport. “The Range D’s narrow cab fits the bill perfectly for us,” says Kevin. “It can go pretty much anywhere including some of the most haunted pubs in the country! It’s got a small front overhang and the reduced turning circle gives us greater manoeuvrability too. In addition, the vehicle’s low deck height makes access and manual handling easier for delivery staff.”

As the operation requires a permanent two-man delivery team, the new Range D is equipped with dual air suspended comfort seat. The bespoke curtainsider body incorporates a ‘Slide and Carry’ roof retractable net securing system by CV Rollers, installed by Colliers, to meet the current load restraint rules. Kevin explains:  “We have worked with Colliers for the best part of 20 years and are happy that they produce a first class body for our operation. Although not the cheapest on the market, we get a body that stands up to the rigours of brewery dray work and last the lifetime of the vehicle with little or no attention.”

Capacity was important for Adnams: “The payload of the Range D is good and it is promising good mpg too, so we will be closely monitoring its performance and downtime over the coming months,” concludes Kevin.

James Cooper at Norfolk Truck and Van comments on the deal:  “We have been talking to Adnams for a while, so we’re delighted that they have agreed to take the new Range D which I’m confident will prove itself over time. Adnams is such a well-known and extremely well-respected name in the area and it’s great to see the Renault Trucks badge on the front of one of their vehicles.”