Helping to keep London moving, Enfield-based general haulier, Evenheights Ltd, has selected the Renault Range T for its heavy-duty haulage work for the London transport network.  The 44 tonne Range T480, supplied and maintained by Norfolk Truck and Van Ltd at Enfield, joined Evenheights’ 3-strong fleet in October.  The Range T is fitted with an Amco Veba 936 crane and has a 45ft all-steer trombone trailer which extends to 90ft when required.

Working the night shift on London’s streets, the new Range T delivers railway track lines, sleepers and ballasts for TFL/ London Underground as well as fabrication and RSJs for local steelworks.  Owner of Evenheights, Colin Wellington, explains why he selected the new Range T: “I’ve always been a fan of Renault Trucks and it was time to retire an old Euro 3 workhorse which has served us really well over the years. I’d heard great things about the new Range T, including that it has been recently voted ‘International Truck of the Year’, and we get great backup and service from our local dealer, Norfolk Truck & Van, who looks after us very well. Taking everything into consideration, I decided to put the new Range T into action.”

Colin continued: “We regularly pull a lot of weight - up to 22 tonnes - around the challenging city streets of London, so our vehicles need to be tough, reliable and up to the job.  The Range T has only been on the road for a couple of weeks but we are really happy so far. The drivers are impressed and have commented that it’s a lovely powerful vehicle that just keeps going.”

Family-owned business, Evenheights Ltd, was established in 1986.  The company offers general haulage to the transport and steelworks industries across London and surrounding areas.