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A new design and enhanced safety for the Renault Trucks urban range


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A new design and enhanced safety for the Renault Trucks urban range
Renault Trucks is unveiling the new face of its urban and regional range trucks, including special features for electric models. The new design draws its inspiration from both the manufacturer's Light Commercial Vehicles (LCV) and Heavy-Duty ranges, establishing the Renault Trucks D, D Wide & C 2.3, and Renault Trucks E-Tech D, D Wide and D Wide LEC as a bridge between the two domains. In addition to this facelift, a range of new safety equipment has been added to enhance the protection of both drivers and road users.
Changes to the external design 

Renault Trucks' design teams have given vehicles in the D & D Wide range a facelift in order to create a clear visual link between the brand's Heavy-Duty vehicles and LCVs.    Full LED headlights produce a new C-shaped signature, borrowed from the car industry, establishing a direct aesthetic connection with commercial vehicles. Renault Trucks D & D Wide also adopt design features typical of the brand's Heavy-Duty ranges, such as a new upper grille and a "π" shape embossed on the front. On the radiator grille, a generous space is set aside for the haulier to showcase its own visual identity.    On the electric versions of the Renault Trucks E-Tech D, D Wide & D Wide LEC, a fully painted front, including the grille, creates a distinctive visual difference. The grille is also embellished with a slender "E-Tech" band that highlights its gradient graphic styling. Last but not least, all the vehicles proudly bear the brand's new logo.

New features to enhance safety in urban environments

In order to effectively collect waste, distribute goods or carry out light construction work, Renault Trucks D, & D Wide, C 2.3 and Renault Trucks E-Tech D, D Wide and D Wide LEC frequently operate in densely populated city centres, where space for trucks is becoming increasingly scarce. With a view to reducing driver stress and enhancing both their safety and that of their load and other vulnerable road users, Renault Trucks has equipped its urban and regional range with new safety features.

The grab handles and the position of the rear-view mirrors have been adjusted to improve line-of-sight, making it easier to negotiate narrow streets. The radars and cameras fitted all around the vehicle provide real-time information and, if necessary, alert the driver, further contributing to safer and easier driving.

In addition, the inclusion of features such as automatic tyre pressure monitoring, lane departure warning, a lane keeping system and speeding alerts significantly enhance on-road safety.

Finally, for improved visibility and safe driving, the trucks are equipped with new rear-view mirrors.  

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