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New generation Renault Trucks Master Red EDITION: efficient and versatile

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New generation Renault Trucks Master Red EDITION: efficient and versatile
Renault Trucks has announced that it will be launching a new generation of Renault Trucks Master Red EDITION commercial vehicles in 2024. This connected and customised offer features a wide variety of body styles, underlining Renault Trucks' commitment to providing solutions tailored to the needs of professionals.

Renault Trucks is unveiling the latest version of its Renault Trucks Master Red EDITION: a commercial vehicle that is versatile, connected and optimised for urban use. 

In its electric version, it stands out for its silent running, with no CO2 emissions when in use and enabling unrestricted access to all urban areas, while preserving the quality of life of local residents.

A completely new, aerodynamic and efficient vehicle

Largely on account of its completely new aerodynamic design, the Renault Trucks E-Tech Master Red EDITION boasts a significant reduction in energy consumption, of up to 21% compared with the previous generation.

The electric versions, with a 40 kWh or 87 kWh battery, offer a WLTP range of over 410 km.

The internal combustion versions, with a new, more efficient engine platform, offer much lower C02 emissions, while offering power ratings from 105hp to 170hp and a new 9-speed automatic gearbox for enhanced driving pleasure.

A customised offer, tailored to each activity

The Renault Trucks Master Red EDITION stands out for its adaptability and numerous customisation options. When it leaves the factory, the vehicle is available in tipper, dry box or van configurations with specific fittings for delivery operators. The Renault Trucks network can also offer a wide range of other fittings to meet the requirements of each sector.

The Renault Trucks Master Red EDITION is available in five body styles: chassis cab (L2, L3), platform cab (L2, L3), panel van (L2H2, L3H2, with L2H3 and L3H3 available to order from Q4 2024), crew cab panel van (L2H2, L3H2) and people carrier. 

The Renault Trucks Master Red EDITION is pre-equipped with mechanical and electrical features that facilitate bodywork operations.

Renault Trucks has also designed four option packs to further personalise the vehicle:  - "Delivery" to simplify delivery operations,  - "Parking Assist" to make manoeuvring easier in city centres,  - "Storage" to optimise load space - "Driver Assist" to maximise the safety of both drivers and road users.

Advanced comfort and safety features 

The Renault Trucks Master Red EDITION and Renault Trucks Master E-Tech Red EDITION boast exclusive equipment as standard to enhance driving comfort, including a driver-centric cabin with wraparound dashboard, a 10.1-inch secondary display, an induction charger and wireless compatibility with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, access to Google Services, automatic climate control and generous storage space. The Renault Trucks Master E-Tech Red EDITION also has a digital cluster as standard.  

In addition, new advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) enhance safety and driving comfort. The new Renault Trucks Master Red EDITION features adaptive cruise control and speed limiter, parking sensors (rear, front and side) with reversing camera, lane assist, blind spot warning and traffic sign recognition.  

With its reduced turning radius, the Renault Trucks Master Red EDITION offers optimum agility, making it easier to manoeuvre in the tight spaces of city centres.

The Renault Trucks Master Red EDITION features distinctive design elements that are emblematic of the brand. Firstly, it stands out on account of its radiator grille adorned with a red beading. It features Red EDITION badges on the sides, and the characteristic rear square emblem. Red seat belts and exclusive seat covers and floor mats personalise the cabin.

A complete range of services for optimum productivity

Whether in its Diesel or electric versions, the Renault Trucks Master Red EDITION is fully connected, paving the way for the development of new dedicated services. A personalised, dynamic maintenance plan enables servicing to be scheduled and maintenance operations to be combined, thereby ensuring optimal uptime. Drivers also receive alerts on the condition of their vehicle, via a dedicated application.

The Renault Trucks Master E-Tech Red EDITION is backed by a comprehensive range of services specifically designed for electric vehicles:

- Audit, installation and maintenance of the recharging facilities.

- Vehicle charge programming and monitoring, etc.

For total cost control, Renault Trucks Financial Services offers a number of financing plans and tailored insurance solutions. 

The Renault Trucks network heavy-duty expertise also benefits commercial vehicles

Commercial vehicle customers benefit from Renault Trucks' heavy-duty expertise and the density of its distribution and repair network (1,400 dealers in Europe). Repair and maintenance operations on commercial vehicles - both Diesel and electric - are carried out by experts, trained technicians. To meet the needs of business customers, Renault Trucks offers fast appointments and extended opening hours in line with its HGV ethos and services. 

Technical specifications of the Renault Trucks E-Tech Master RED Edition

Gross vehicle weight: up to 4 t Payload: up to 1,600 kg (3.5 t chassis cab without bodywork) Pallet capacity: up to 5 euro pallets  Electric motor: Maximum power: 105 kW / Maximum torque: 300 N.m  Batteries: up to 87 kWh  Range: up to 400 km with a maximum speed of 90 km/h  Recharge time: from 15% to 80% in 40 minutes (130 kWh)

Towing capacity: up to 2.5 t   

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