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Three to five times less wear than a non-genuine gearbox

the latest technology
carbon synchro gearboxes

Renault Trucks is the first manufacturer to expand its gearbox range with a completely new 16S EXCHANGE gearbox with carbon synchros.

Thanks to the new carbon-coated synchro technology, the reliability and durability of the 16S gearboxes has been greatly improved.

With carbon coating, friction coefficients are reduced by 70% and wear is decreased. On the test bench and in real-life operating tests the durability of parts is improved by a factor of 3 to 5.
The use of a specific BZV type oil is essential.

Renault Trucks recommends Longevia BZV ECO 75W80, because this oil ensures:


  • reduced maintenance with extendedoil change intervals (up to 300,000 km)
  • reduced  fuel consumption.